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You will help people who need it and spend your leisure time actively. You will become acquainted with new people and their culture.

Volunteer; a student of the Czech University of Life Sciences
“I have been volunteering and helping refugees for three months now. I learned about the programme at school from a lecturer, and since I am interested in refugee matters and because they are related to my studies, I decided to join in. When you find yourself in a foreign country, you have to integrate into the society, learn the local habits and of course the local language. Czech is very difficult for most foreigners. As a volunteer I can be at least a bit of help to newcomers. In turn, they enrich me as I learn about their culture and customs.”
23 years in the Czech Republic
Head of the Social Department, Refugee Help Organisation (Organizace pro pomoc uprchlíkům)
“I have encountered volunteers twice in my life. The first time was when I was a refugee and lived in a refugee camp. I remember it was like a holiday for us when leisure time volunteers came in. We had some fun with them and were able to forget about the everyday life in the refugee camp for a while. Then I met volunteers again in a place where volunteers aid our clients by teaching them the Czech language, accompanying them to authorities and spending time together at cultural events. This way, refugees have an opportunity to learn about Czech culture and integrate into the new society.”
Seven months in the Czech Republic
Fitness Coach
“My husband and I have two little boys. One is four years old and the other is ten months. We were given the opportunity of participating in a volunteering project and found a person who would help us navigate the new environment. Our volunteer’s name is Michaela. She taught us Czech lessons, took our family on trips through Prague and told us about the history of the Czech Republic. The relationship with her is an important and enriching experience for me and my entire family. We have no family members or friends in the Czech Republic, so Michaela has helped us a great deal. Thank you very much.”